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pool liners Waukesha County pool tiles

Pool Liners

At Quickswim Pool we offer only the highest quality vinyl pool liners in a multitude of patterns and designs.

  • Pool liners should only be replaced by professionals to ensure their longevity
  • Vinyl liners are custom made to fit your pool
  • We take numerous precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit
  • Liners can last for 10-15 years with proper maintenance and care

Click here to see a sample of the many patterns available.

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Pool Opening & Closing

  • Brush and remove the pool safety cover
  • Fold and put it away in its mesh bag
  • Vacuuming the pool and spa which helps pool clear up quickly
  • Brushing the walls, tile, and steps, removing any algae
  • Skimming the pool’s surfaces
  • Set up and test all the equipment to ensure it is ready for the swimming season
  • Test the heater
pool liners Waukesha County pool tiles

Swimming Pool Services

  • Opening a pool
  • Closing a pool
  • Pool Cleaning – weekly, monthly or on an as-needed basis
  • Liner replacement
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Filter repair and replacement
  • Sand change
  • Pump repair & replacement
  • Underground liner repair
Additional Services
  • Restorations
  • New in ground pool construction
  • Fencing
  • Concrete decks
  • Instructions on how to run your pool
  • Smart Pool Automation
  • Heater service
  • Underground line pressure test
  • Auto cleaners
  • Stair replacements
  • Spill over spas
  • Salt system
  • Automatic covers
  • Custom winter safety covers
  • Gas lines

In Ground Pool Construction or Renovation

Our Planning process is built around you. You’ll collaborate with us to meticulously plan every detail for your above ground pool without breaking your budget.

The planning phase typically happens like this:

  • Initial consultation between you and Quickswim
  • Delivery of detailed plan and budget document
  • Follow up meeting with you to answer questions and get your stamp of approval

A professional excavator digs the hole for the pool, including the area for your concrete patio.

Steel panels are put in place to form the shape. Stairs are installed at this time, as are dual main drains which are a safety feature to prevent entrapment. Your pool is then leveled with a laser and the concrete footing is poured.

Once the swimming pool framework is structurally sound, a layer of foam is applied to the pool walls. Vermiculite is hand-troweled to the depth and shape of your pool. Pool coping is installed around the top edge, and the 30 gauge vinyl liner of your choice is put into place.

With the pool liner installation complete, the over-excavated area is filled with stone in preparation for the concrete patio, which is then poured to your specifications.

Swimming Pool Upgrades


Customizing your swimming pool is easy with Quickswim. When it comes to adding features to your new or existing pool, we offer many options.


Popular Reasons why Wisconsin Swimming Pool Residents Upgrade:


Quick Swim really delivers! The Quickswim technician was polite and professional. They created a time table and stuck to it while delivering a high quality finished project.
This was truly a great experience and we would highly recommend Quickswim!

  • Pool Entertainment
    • Slides
    • Basketball/Volleyball
    • Diving board
    • Spill over Spa
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Convert pool to saltwater
  • Replace Liners
  • Winter Safety
  • Automatic Pool cleaners
  • Automatic Pool covers
  • New pool lighting

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