How do I know if I need a new liner for my swimming pool?
  • Liner tearing: Over time, liners lose their elasticity, causing them to crack and tear.
  • Your pool is losing water:If you notice the water level in your pool is decreasing, a damaged liner could be the reason.
  • Liner fadingcaused by the sun or improper pool chemical balance contributes to a weakening of the liner.
  • Perhaps you’re just tired of your existing liner pattern.  If you want the appearance of a new pool without the new pool price, a new liner is a cost effective way to update a worn or dated pool
How long does the average pool liner last?

12-15 years

How long does it take to replace a swimming pool liner?

Once you have chosen your liner design and your pool is measured, it takes 5-10 days for the liner to be made. Once the new liner is ready, it will take one full day to replace it.

How do I prepare for opening or closing my pool?

We brush and remove the pool safety cover, fold and put it away in its mesh bag. We vacuum your pool which helps the pool clear up quickly. While this is being done, we set up and test all the equipment to ensure it is ready for the swimming season. We will also test the heater. Once we are confident everything is running smoothly, we complete the job by adding the chemicals for you.

How do I keep my pool clean?

An automatic cleaner ensures your pool is always clean when you want to use it, or using Quickswim Pools quality weekly pool cleaning service will keep it sparkling!

What is a good way to keep my pool clean in the winter?

A winter safety cover is standard on all new pool construction, and is a highly recommended improvement for existing pools. The mesh cover is anchored in the deck and prevents children, pets, and debris from falling into your pool. This cover also saves time and money because it allows winter snow to melt through and help fill up your pool.

Do I need an automated pool cover?

To take safety to the next level, we recommend an auto cover for your swimming pool. With the turn of a key, the cover moves across the water, completely covering the pool and protecting anyone from accidentally falling into it. Because of its secure fit, this cover has the added benefit of reducing chemical usage and water evaporation, and keeps the water warmer and cleaner than traditional solar covers.

What are the types of patterns for a pool bottom?

Please click on the link on this page to see a sample of the many patterns to choose from.

What will lighting do for my swimming pool?

Put a splash of color or brighten up your pool, with energy-saving LED lights. You can choose from a variety of color shows or opt for white, which is also available in energy-saving LED.

Is a slide necessary?

Kids of all ages love a slide and slides are often requested for upgrades and new construction. We have many styles and colors to choose from, all equipped with sufficient water flow.

What kind of activities can our family do in the pool?

Family pool activity games can be anchored in the concrete deck to prevent them from blowing into the pool. Enjoy a game of HORSE or a friendly game of volleyball in the refreshing water.

What is the requirement for a diving board?

A diving board is a fun option providing your pool accommodates the safety requirements that are important for your family and guest’s safety. More information here.

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